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Designer, Garth Williams starting working in Zimbabwe in 1991 with a small group of highly skilled artisans. An Afro-centric range using recycled metal, wood and rapoka stone was developed and later that year Afrika Trading was established.

By combining different metals with different finishes and paying close attention to detail his designs became well known and sort after.
Gradually the ranges grew and during the subsequent 10 year period he significantly shaped the art scene in Zimbabwe by improving techniques and introducing new concepts, especially with recycled metals.
The economic crisis in 2001, which lead to political instability and massive inflation, forced Garth Williams to leave Zimbabwe in 2002.
Afrika Trading then rebranded and became known as Edge Company.
After some work in Poland and the Czech Republic Garth Williams is currently working in India.
The use of new materials and the sophisticated finishing techniques which are available in India has enabled him to take on some exciting new projects.
This has resulted in a constant flow of fresh new ranges, many of which are regularly featured in glossy Home, Garden and Lifestyle magazines within the UK.
Garth Williams has launched his latest collection for Spring/Summer 2021

in the press

  • The Independent

    Edge Company’s Polak Bench was featured in The Ten Best Garden Chairs ... “As much a gorgeous piece of garden sculpture as a piece of furniture, this avant-garde stool by Garth Williams is ..."

  • Daily Express

    Edge Company’s Leaf Platters were featured in Get the Look Interiors..."Sycamore Leaf Platter from Edge Company will certainly Get the Look  for your home..."

  • Staffordshire Life

    Edge Company’s Rain Chains were featured in Outdoor Living... “The Rain Chain will visually enhance any area of the Garden, but especially effective when attached to the guttering..."

  • Sunday Express Supplement

    Edge Company’s Bay Leaf Bowl was featured in the Linda Barker column... “These shining examples will brighten up your home..."

  • Your Home

    Edge Company’s Ocean Bowl was featured in Smart Shopping... “ Inspired gift ideas for Christmas... add a splash of coulour wih this Heart Bowl..."

  • Sussex Life

    Edge Company’s Demoiselle Crane was featured in Homes and Gardens Gallery... “The Demoiselle Crane by Brighton base Edge Company has been meticulously crafted from metal strips..."

  • Dorset Society

    Edge Company’s Garden Spires were featured in Inside Out ...“Make room in your garden for the fabulous Garden Spires from Edge Company..."

  • Homes & Interiors Scotland

    Edge Company’s Bay Leaf Bowl was featured in Design Ideas... “Minimalist doesn't have to mean sparce with some carfeully selcted classics ..."

  • Accent Magazine

    Edge Company’s Foils Bowl was featured in Homes & Interiors ... “We've got the look, if your home is in need of a revamp but you don't know where to start, try Edge Company's Foil Bowl..."

  • Concept for Living

    Edge Company’s Broad Leaf were featured in Sculptures & Decor...“Make a statement and impress your summer visitors with a contemporary sculpture or delightful decor idea by Edge Company..."

  • Ideal Home

    Edge Company’s Bay Leaf Bowl was featured in the Wish List ..." Add a dressy centrepiece - Edge Company's Bay Leaf bowl shimmers in hand polished stainless steel..."

  • Independant Scotland

    Edge Company’s Floral Bench was featured in Metal Time...“Take this stool and bench outdoors for a stylish touch..."

  • Scottish Daily Record

    Edge Company’s Garden Flames were featured in Steel the Show ... “Be a dazzler with cutting edge design, these stainless steel Garden Flames from Edge Company..."

  • Fresh Direction

    Edge Company’s Cosmos Wall Panel was featured in Lighten Up! ... “Perk things up with a Blue Comos Panel, a vibrant new collection oif wall art from iron bar and galvanized sheet metal ..."

  • The Independent

    Edge Company’s Bay Leaf Bowl was featured in The Ten Best Fruit bowls...“An attractive bowl with muted antique silver finish, this intricate leaf bowl is a unique find and exclusive to Edge Company..."

  • Concept for Living

    Edge Company’s Flower Bowl was featured in Trend: GOLD...“Make like a magpie and add some sparkle to your living space with these gorgeous gold goodies..."

  • Fabulous - News of the World Supplement

    Edge Company’s Tealight Holders were featured in Gorgeous and purse-friendly... “ Edge Company's Tealight Holders are perfect credit crunchers this Christmas..."

  • Weekend Supplement Daily Mail

    Edge Company’s Wasp Traps were featured in The Best Wasp Traps...“Colourful enough to lure wasps even before putting sugar water inside..."

  • Homes & Interiors

    Edge Company’s Leaf Objet were featured in What's Hot in the living room...“Hint at exotic travels with these bronze leaf ornaments..."

  • Easy Living

    Edge Company’s Wire Weave Tables were featured in Home News...“Perfectly formed to accomodate your morning cupper in style, the Bordeaux wire table exclusive to Edge Company is pretty and practical ..."

  • Woman's Own

    Edge Company’s were featured in ...“Wrap up warm and enjoy the soft glow..." Weaver Nest T Lights, Hot buys for Bonfire...

  • Scotland On Sunday

    Edge Company’s Twigs & Berry Bowl was featured in Cash Flow...“Bowled over by inspired design..."

  • Weekend Supplement Daily Mail

    Edge Company’s Weavernest were featured in Garden Candles...“Shaped to resemble a weaver bird nest, the colourful galss jars for tea lights come in aqua, fuchsia, olive and tangerine..."

  • Your Home

    Edge Company’s Saddle Stools were featured in 10 of the Best bar stools ...“Pick of one these stylish seats to create the perfect place to perch in your kitchen..."

  • Financial Times

    Edge Company’s Crinckle Bowl was featured in eclectibles... “Devilsh doodahs and funky knick knackery at the click of a mouse..."

  • Sunday Mirror

    Edge Company’s Weavernest T Lights were featured in Garden Lights Top 10... “Make your summer evenings special with these great buys from Edge Company..."

  • Sunday Express

    Edge Company’s Lime Leaf Platters were featured in 10 of the Best... “Follow a growing trend with one of these gorgeous accessories from Edge Company ..."

  • Concept for Living

    Edge Company’s Objet d'art was featured in Steal Thier Style... “Mix smart contemporary furniture wih ethnic-inspired accessories for a relaxed, homely feel ..."

  • The Herald

    Edge Company’s Polak Bench was featured in Ask  Amabile... “I'm dotty about the Polka Bench designed by Garth Williams ..."

  • Hearth & Home

    Edge Company’s Cowrie Bowl was featured in Work of Art! ... “This beautiful cowrie shaped bowl from Edge Company is a great way to pay homage to the current trend for teal ..."

  • Emel Magazine

    Edge Company’s Garden Mirror Chain was featured in Garden Notes... “ Create a sence of space, light and colour with these pretty garden mirrors..."

  • Easy Living Magazine

    Edge Company’s Saddle Stool was featured in Home Life... “ 4 of the best stools, and in the hot seat Edge Company's Saddle Stool ..."

  • Bella Magazine

    Edge Company’s Floral Bench was featured in Home Trends..." Make your home glitter with these sparkling accessories..."

  • Julie from Cheshire


    "The Sculpture arrived this morning, what amazing service, thank you. I absolutely love it, looks briliant in the garden, perfect in the space I picked out for it ... "

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